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Project KidSafe


In the Spring of 2004 we collected over 200,000 signatures which was not enough to get the legislation on the 2004 ballot. Please do not let this discourage you. We are not going to give up until this legislation is passed and we will be collecting signatures again next year. We must continue to work toward making our world a safer place for our children.


Project KidSafe is California Initiative Authored by California State Senator Dennis Hollingsworth and Assemblyman Jay La Suer.

The initiative would call for the following, to make the children of California safer:

Sexual Predator Punishment and Megan’s Law Expansion Act

November 2004 

Protecting Our Children and Communities

·        Expanding Megan’s Law by placing sex offender information on the Internet

·        Disclosing information such as photographs, home address and vehicle information on “serious and dangerous” and “high risk” sex offenders on an Internet web site maintained by the Department of Justice

·        Punishing sexual offenders who lure children over the Internet

·        Increasing the number of child sexual predators who must complete secured, in-patient treatment after serving their prison sentences before release into the community on parole


Increasing Penalties and Punishments

·        Increasing the penalties for child pornography and exploitation

·        Comprehensive sentencing reform for sexual predators and offenders

·        Eliminating credit reductions for sexual predators serving prison sentences to ensure they serve their entire sentence


Monitoring Sexual Offenders

·        Requiring sexual offenders on parole to be monitored by Global Positioning Systems

·        Increase parole periods for sexual offenders to up to ten years

·        Requiring sexual offenders to renew their drivers’ licenses annually to ensure compliance with required registration with law enforcement

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The Danielle Legacy Foundation along with it's founder and President, Brenda van Dam, supports Project KidSafe. We ask that you do too.

For more information on Project KidSafe including how you can petition for it's addition to the November Ballot go to:





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